Solidification/Stabilization Treatment

Pangeos provides services to conduct laboratory treatability studies and on-site control for the different stages of solidification/stabilization treatment.

Solidification/stabilization (S/S) is a treatment applied to different types of contaminants (metals, recalcitrant contaminants, etc.) and different types of matrices (soils, sediments, sludges, waste). To reduce the mobility of contamination, this treatment is based on two main mechanisms, a chemical stabilization of contaminants in contaminated material to reduce their solubility and encapsulation of treated material in a monolithic matrix with low permeability. Unlike disposal in landfills, S/S treatment is part of the principle of sustainable development and responsible management of our contaminated materials that it enables the safe recovery of these directly on site and minimizing the environmental footprint related to the remediation of a site.

The advantages of this treatment are varied:

  • The process allows to give a second life to contaminated materials that have been delivered, according to a conventional approach, to a landfill;
  • The process allows to reinforce the mechanical properties of a material, which, without S/S treatment, would be without geotechnical or structural interest;
  • The process allows to integrate the treated material in construction works and structural works following an advanced design.

With its unique expertise developed on S/S treatment, Pangeos is able to provide high-level services, especially when performing laboratory treatability studies and when performing on-site control, in order to achieve adequate performance of S/S treatment.