High-Resolution Site Characterization and Remediation

Pangeos provides high-resolution environmental characterization and remediation of sites that use scale-appropriate measurement and sample density adapted to the specific heterogeneity of a site and its complexity.

The “high-resolution” added value offered by Pangeos during environmental characterization and remediation helps lead to an understanding, both thorough and optimized, for each site. It also allows to define a reliable conceptual model (or picture) of a site for which the uncertainty level (or risk level) is known and tolerated by the various stakeholders (owner, developers, municipalities, government, etc.).

Pangeos uses cutting edge tools which helps getting faster and “high-resolution” picture of a site, getting it more efficiently and with greater certainty than with a conventional approach. This “high-resolution” picture allows to provide a rational support for decision making reasoned” leading to obtaining an optimal site cleanup, both more appropriate and more focused.