High-level consulting services specialized in science, techniques and technology of the Earth and the Environment

Services and Expertises

High-Resolution Site Characterization and Remediation

Pangeos provides high-resolution environmental characterization and remediation of sites that use scale-appropriate measurement and sample density adapted to the specific heterogeneity of a site.

”Real Time” On-Site Contaminant Analysis

Pangeos provides analytical services directly on the site, in addition to the conventional approach, leading to a real-time and optimized delimitation of the contaminants.

Applied Statistics and Geostatistics

Pangeos provides services based on mathematical tools to control uncertainty and to optimize a sampling plan.

Solidification/Stabilization Treatment

Pangeos provides services to conduct laboratory treatability studies and on-site control for solidification/stabilization treatment.

Specialized Tests and Studies

Pangeos provides services to conduct customized laboratory tests and specialized studies in the overall field of Earth and Environment.

Research and Development

Pangeos provides scientific research services and development of innovative concepts in the overall field of Earth and Environment.